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Which Zero Waste Box is right for me?

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If you have any questions after browsing ouronline store, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team.

Contact us toll-free by phone at 1-800-758-2943 or by email

What sizes do Zero Waste Boxes come in?

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There are three (3) sizes of Zero Waste Boxes tochoose from:

Small 10" x 10" x 18"

Medium 11" x 11" x 40"

Large 15" x 15" x 42"

We also offer Zero Waste Pallet solutions for select items.

How do I assemble and set up my Zero Waste Box™?

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Once received, start by unfolding the flat box and follow the folding instructions on the bottom. Next, fold and close the top lid and secure it with the cardboard flap. Press down on the perforated cut-out on the top lid. Remember to place your box in an easily accessible spot. That’s it!

Check out our Zero Waste Box setup video for step-by-step instructions here.

How do I return my Zero Waste Box when it’s full?

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When your Zero Waste Box is full, simply tape the top opening shut. Your box will arrive with a prepaid return shipping label already attached! Check the label to see the shipping carrier, then drop off your sealed box at the carrier’s nearest location.


I need to cancel or return my order. How can I do this?

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You can view our return policy here.

I need to edit my order. How can I do this?

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Unfortunately, we are unable to make edits to the contents of an order, including changing the payment method used. If you ordered an incorrect item or need to change your payment method, please reach out to to have your order canceled.

How do I correct a delivery address after I have placed an order?

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Delivery addresses may be edited before your order has shipped by reaching out to our Customer Support team. However, once an order has shipped, the address can no longer be changed. Please note that some orders ship in under 24 hours, so we cannot guarantee that your shipping address can be changed after the order has been placed.


How do the National Recycling Programs work, and how do they differ from the Zero Waste Box system?

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Our National Recycling Programs are funded by brands and retailers around the world to help you recycle items that municipal programs don’t typically accept. To participate in one of these programs, simply sign up for free at and start collecting. To learn more about our National Recycling Programs and how they work, please visit this page.

Unlike our National Recycling Programs, the Zero Waste Box system allows you to recycle everything with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for nearly everything that is not accepted through public programs. The transportation and recycling costs are built into the price. To learn more about Zero Waste Box and how it works, please visit this page.

Zero Waste Boxes are not in our budget. Is there something we can do?

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The price of a Zero Waste Box is based on the current shipping and recycling costs for each material type. We understand this service may not be a fit for all customers at this time. We recommend checking out TerraCycle’s National Recycling Programs, which offer free recycling solutions.

I want to recycle everything and do more to reduce my impact. What else can I do?

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That’s the spirit! Follow us on social media for daily tips and tricks, and refer to the links below for more information on ways you can eliminate the idea of waste.

National Recycling Programs

Community Blog

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